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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  August 11, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> boy, that was really something, wasn't it? so we conclude here with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journey toward olympic gold. the americans still have a sizable lead. meanwhile, kohei uchimura was part of a big day for the japanese. they won three gold medals, their most in a single day since 2004 in athens. you know, the veryes like uchimura often win overwhelmingly but sometimes what's needed is the knack for winning even when you don't have your a-game. last night we saw michael phelps swim an imperfect race in the 200-meter butterfly and yet still win by 0.004 of a second. today kohei uchimura was at less than his best today so he needed a sterling high bar.
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one here for him, uchimura still has another event remaining in rio, that's the floor exercise, but it won't end for him here as his final olympic bow will likely come four years from now in his home nation when tokyo hosts the 2020 olympics. as we say good night, the medal ceremony for uchimura, ukraine's oleg verniaiev who had gold in his sights until the final restation winds up with the silver a ? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? [ cheers and applause ] and that does it for us.
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bright and early and we'll see you tomorrow night from rio. nascar's pride, glory, cultural expressions, it has more flags than the opening ceremony, only
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it ended up in my garage and my patio and made a mess. round two of heavy rain, flooded streets and homes. >> your backyard is the pool, what would you pay to fix it, the sewer district has a plan. these guys are camping out for a store that has not opened yet. what you can win if you join them. exploring real, terrorist covering the olympics take us on a tour. this is channel 3 news at 11. another round of heavy storms sweeps through parts of northeast ohio leaving
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moment. betsy kicks off our team coverage. this afternoon's rain and storms faded away, we have an incredibly humid air mass that stays in place, it's warm and perfect cumbrous -- conditions for late reasons. those storms used to the heat and humidity to throw down a lot of rain. localized than two inches of rain. when it comes down quickly in the matter of an hour, that is when you get that flooding. it's a quick flood and it quickly goes away. it is going to be a factor in your day tomorrow, but friday and saturday and sunday. especially this weekend we have the potential for heavy rain. tomorrow we do have slight chances for rain in the early morning, we will be dealing
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temperatures skyrocket back to near 90 with scattered storms developing in the afternoon. we will tell you about thursday and friday and the weekend in a couple of minutes. my wife had called me and told me to get home, because we had flooding in our front and backyard. we have a critic behind us which overflowed.>> those rains came down quickly and many parts of our areaav tye shows us some of the damage.>>reporter: look at what happened when hard and dry ground saw the skies opened up. out of your eyes shared a lot, look at this creek, the park became a lake and the mess is still there it will be there a while.
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zones. this is cleveland heights overnight, cars were smashed, power lines downed, the south solon, in an instant rush-hour became a white knuckle commute. sending your pictures and videos. continue to do so on the wkyc facebook page. coming soon to your northeast ohio regional sewer district bill, a fee to help fix flooding problems. dawn kendrick went to a neighborhood that spends a lot of time underwater.>>reporter: it's nightlight this when the
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hold their breath. >> the water goes over the retention base behind the house and it's like a raging river coming at us. >> 53 years. >>reporter: that's how long they have lived on false lane, they call in niagara falls. the northeast ohio regional sewer district thing's they have an answer to the tune of five dollars a month for the average homeowner. deputy director of watershed programs says it's the storm water down in court now back on your bill. >> we have a region full of flooding and erosion problems related to our legacy of poorly managed water runoff. >>reporter: homeowners can enter their dress to see a view of their home and click on your property and your parcel line will come up and you will have
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the fee jumps to $9.27.>> if they could cure the problem, trying to get any kind of a resolution to the problem has been a waste of time.>>reporter: this man lives down the street. >> it's all about reputation and what you're going to do. all of our money has gone wherever knows.>>reporter: the sewer district says they are talking to customers to explain how it works. there are ways that homeowners can get credit. we have a link on with credit workshops to learn more than. --.
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takes home the gold. >> shara -- sara shookman is in rio, she takes us to a hidden jump outside the village. >>reporter: rio is so full of beauty and history and we are finding a and places that you've seen on tv. we are spots like here. in rio's artistic neighborhood of santa teresa.>> there are steps going up.>>reporter: our tour guide says visitors can find a unique site. celeron steps were built by an
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he wanted to fix up the steps by his house and did it by covering them with blue, green and yellow tiles.>> to celebrate brazil. >>reporter: it became an obsession and people set tiles from around the world. thousands of them.>> some people said towels -- tiles from thei countries around the world.>>reporter: he covered the steps and the tall walls lining the steps.>> he needed more space. >>reporter: he made it artistic display that is nearly invisible if you are walking down. walking up, it comes alive.>>
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tourists and one is climbing to the top. this is rio's most prized attraction.>> the celeron steps. >>reporter: celeron had maintained his steps until he died a few years ago and now visitors hope that the city will step in so that generations to come will be able to enjoy the beauty . the group behind the push to raise cleveland's minimum wage walked out of the council
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raise up cleveland is pushing for a $15 an hour minimum wage, there is a proposal in front of the supreme court that would allow ohio voters to approve or reject a rate hike -- wage hike. they voted on the future of the gazebo at cuddell recreation area where police killed tamir rice . the gazebo will be dismantled and placed in storage owned by the tamir rice foundation. emma morano will be built in its place. a man is in police sam's after scaling trump tower. he climbed a third of the way up using suction cups. he got close to two officers who were able to grab him and pull him through the window. in the video, the man said he just wanted trumps attention.
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hours unanticipated store will open in avon. folks are camping out in front of the new cabela's.>>reporter: the first person in line is down here toward the very front of the store he got here at 6 pm tuesday. this has been his second night outside. the last person in line, you can't even see them right now, they are wrapped around the side of the building the line keeps getting longer and longer. people are desperate for giveaways and prizes at this grand opening. spencer young says he would be camping tonight no matter what. this adventure has some perks. >> i wanted to get the $500 gift card.>>reporter: he wants it so badly he's first in line
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something. i'm happy for that.>>reporter: the first 500 in line will receive a gift card worth somewhere between $10 and $500. people can enter a gun raffle, three winners will take home a remington firearm. a gift card to cabela's is special, it's an outdoorsman's paradise with gear, vehicles, live fish, duck specimens and moreit columbus, now i get to drive five minutes.>>reporter: cabela's says this is perfect. >> when it comes to resources, places that hunt and fish and camp, this is just a great location. >>reporter: the doors open at 10 am, the fun begins at 7 am with live music, trivia and prizes. it's enough to make local outdoorsman jump or joy.>>reporter: cabela's says
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day. avon police tell us you should expect delays near here on chester road and state route 83. coming up, pokemon go danger how predators are using the game to lure children. swearing in front is it okay are absolutely wrong.
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wow! looks like rob portman sure knows how to clear out a factory! ohioans used to work here, but not anymore. portman voted to give tax breaks to companies that shipped our jobs overseas. and get this: he even gave them a tax break to pay for packing up the equipment and shipping it to places like china. re in ohio.
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you are watching channel 3 news at 11. could a sm kids.>> a message for parents about the dangers of pokimon go. >>reporter: the game uses gps to track your location and guide you to places where you can rack up points by catching characters. there is a twist. places can be dangerous and so can the other people playing. >> you get to go outdoors in play. >>reporter: in a matter of weeks pokemon go has taken
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pretty. from offending veterans at a memorial to disrupting a federal briefing on isis players have ended up in hot water while vulnerable children could be ending up in places far worse.>> the concern is that rather than the offender having to go out and look for children he can wait at these pokey stops and wait for children to come concerned predators could features does purchase features to attract characters and will are real children who want to catch them. >> they use that as their approach adachi -- strategy. >>reporter: the convicted child molester was arrested after playing with kids there are courthouse, and california the game lead players to a halfway
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>>reporter: it could lead to trouble here. we tried it out in lakewood and found ourselves near the homes of registered high risk offenders.>> i travel with a friend or my brother. it's good to have a cloud --.>>reporter: new york's governor writes this letter banning offenders on parole the real responsibility may lie in he or she holding a phone. to realize what simply is not worth it for a game. >> we checked with cleveland police and they have not run across any local cases involving youngsters. many parents can relate, you panic after letting out a
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praise of profanity says profanity has social functions and brings people together. it takes more skill to articulate swearwords than most people realize. here i thought it was impulse. barbara disagrees and says swearing is not okay. children learn what they live. shelley sa sailor around my kids while they were growing up and they are now 22 and 19 and we enjoy open communication.>> spending time at shelley's house 72 -- have been you?
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and we will have that problem tomorrow. the rain is fading quickly once we got into the evening. you can see we have a clear radar right now, we have so much nasty humidity in place and that additional humidity that we get with the rain can hamper things. we already have light fog in dover and youngstown. going through the night this is a visibility forecast we could have restricted villas ability down to a mile, as you head out the door. you may want to add extra minutes. even by 8 am we could have light fog that will be remaining. by 10 it's like nothing happened. your commute forecast does have
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temperatures will be in the 70s. scattered storms in the afternoon, hot and humid conditions. this humidity isn't going anywhere. the humidity is gross and it's all across the eastern half of the country and it's not moving. it will help to fuel more thunderstorm development and that humidity can really get concentrated and that's how we get the off to the south we have a good moisture feed from the atlantic, we have a very prominent moisture feed from the pacific ocean and well to the west of us a cold front that will be lumbering through as we go through the weekend. lumbering meaning slow and that means rain potential. tomorrow morning temperatures will jump up to 90 in the afternoon you can see the next
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are possible. on the lake southerly raises turning northerly waves that two feet or less. tomorrow in the nation everyone sitting the 90s, the nasty humidity will be a 90 in the afternoon helping trigger more scattered storms. same thing friday and then as far as the weekend, it does look like we will have periods of rain d heavy rain and flooding rain are both possible. time for access to the summer game schedule brought to you by ohio's number one hospital clevelandclinic. during nbc's daytime you will see more swimming as heats continue in the men's 100 meter fly, women's 800 meter free and
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that's your access to the summer game schedule brought to buy clevelandclinic providing you with access to the number
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the window nation report. -to the road trip for the indians they lose in washington afternoon baseball 7-for the final. they go to and three on the road trip and 11 and 12 since the break. the best news was terry was managing again. the indians fell behind 4-1 in the 3rd. francisco lindor hit a two run homer tying the game.
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double. washington took the lead and they beat the indians 7-4. they start an 11 game homestand against the and -- angels. lebron -- the bronx get one more day before heading to cleveland they play the packers friday. the disappointing part the number one draft choice corey coleman will not play because of a hawkins laboring with the hamstring issue too. tonight we show you the draft choice from princeton tight end heath missed all of training camp, he said a hamstring injury since minicamp. he's a fast learner and he's been helped out by the all-pro gary brown schooling him.>> he's like a coach and he's very helpful for all of us.
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meetings. he sees things that i need to learn to see.>> day five of the olympics and men's baseball, the united states had a tough time against team australia. they were losing at halftime down by 5, kyrie irving fails them out in the 4th, carmelo scoring on a huge three to put it away. the united states women's and they are now three and all. the next game is friday against serbia. >> being part of this olympic team, this game was our first time that our backs were
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i'm appreciative.>> in the pool the women's four by 200 freestyle and it's a good thing they had katie ledecky on the anchor, when she went to the pool they were losing, when she got out they won gold. fifth time the usa has won the event. the men's 100 meter freestyle finals, nathan adrian who was wanted for years ago took the bronze he's 27 years old and it's his sixth de breaststroke, josh purnell 23 years old wins the silver in his first-ever olympics, the first us medal in the event since 2004. tonight michael phelps, ryan lochte going against each other in the men's 200 meter individual medley they finished one and two they are in the
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